The Jag Show

The Jag Show

JAG, a radio veteran of Detroit, Vermont and New Orleans, sits down with the interesting people he's met across the way. Through one-on-one interviews, Jag will introduce you to a cast of characters all over the country.

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    Season 1 Bonus / Podcast Imaging Demo

    Season 2 of the The Jag Show Podcast is coming soon, where we will keep tabs on all topics related to the podcast industry. For now, here's a sample of the imaging/production I've done for other podcasts.

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    From Pantera to Pastor

    Dave Ryerson was the first person to give me a full time radio job, back in 2004. He'd been a rock radio DJ and program director, and he was trying his hand at Top 40 music. I asked Dave to tell us the story of how he got from radio to the church. As it turns out, the lessons he learned in radio continue to serve him well in his new role.

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    Matt Friedman on Crisis Communications

    Matt Friedman is a nationally recognized expert in "Crisis Communications." His firm, Tanner Friedman, is called when something bad happens at a company or entity. Matt explains how being honest and transparent, as well as showing concern for people affected by a bad situation, are key to managing any PR crisis.

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    Lauren Levine - Growing Your Podcast

    The Margarita Confessionals has been voted Charlotte's Best Podcast, and with good reason. Lauren Levine and her co-host Ali Washburn started talking to the jaded dater, but have since evolved into a show covering all things that effect young females. The show has expanded to radio and television, and even has several sponsors. Recent guests have included Ryan Cabrera, E! News' Catt Sadler, and more. If you want to know how to grow a podcast from the ground up, listen to Lauren share her story.

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    Living With Aspergers

    Will LaTulippe discusses his diagnosis and interactions with others through the lens of an Aspergers patient.

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    Overcoming Broadcast Typecasts

    Jamie Scavotto discusses his journey from morning radio to teaching at the college level and finishing his Masters Thesis. Being a stunt guy on a hugely popular morning show may seem glorious, but when you have to apply to a "real job," many people can't see past the name. Jamie gets into the struggles he had on job interviews when changing careers.

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    The Jag Show Episode 1 Don Banks

    Don Banks, my former coworker in New Orleans, was adopted 3 days after his birth in 1960. He never knew anything about his biological family. Then a swab from an online DNA kit changed his life.

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    Jag Show Podcast Tease

    A quick introduction to radio veteran JAG and a teaser of what's to come in his podcast.